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Knee Surgery

Apollo’s Knee Surgery department is one of the best knee replacement units in India, offering total knee joint replacement with a fully equipped operation theaters & rehabilitative support.

People worldwide are affected with knee problems which is most common between people over 50 years of age and also those who are overweight. The knee surgery is one of the scientific boons for patients suffering from various diseases of knee.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy is a mode of treatment that can be used for a variety of knee joint conditions such as torn menisci, mild arthritis, loose pieces of broken cartilage in the joint, a torn or damaged anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments, inflamed or damaged synovium or misalignment of the knee cap.

The Arthroscopic Knee Surgery is carried out with the help of a small camera inserted into the knee joint through a small incision and through the attached video monitor, doctor can see inside the knee. The surgeon pulls out various tissues, a shaver to remove damaged or unwanted tissues such as torn cartilage and a burr to remove bone.

Total Knee Replacement

The Total Knee Replacement is advised for advanced cases of Arthritis. The patients suffer from acute pain in the knee and are advised to replace the knee joint with an artificial joint. The total knee replacement is performed by cutting away the damaged bone of the knee joint and is replaced with prosthesis. This new joint prevents the bones from rubbing against each other providing a pain free knee joint.

Partial Knee Replacement

The orthopaedic knee surgery also includes a cure for Arthritis which is a knee problem causing pain in the knee. The Partial Knee Replacement, also known as Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement, is one of the most effective surgeries for patients suffering from the disease. This surgery implants a uni-compartmental knee between the femur and the tibia to avoid contact between the two and therefore reducing the pain in the knee.

Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

The frequent knee problem that majority of sports persons generally suffer from is a breaking of cruciate ligament, mostly anterior cruciate ligament. The surgery for reconstruction of the cruciate ligament involves the removal of the torn ends of the ligament and replacing these with a graft taken from another tendon such as the hamstring or patellar tendon.

Facilities Available

  • Well equipped state-of-art Operation Theaters with Laminar Air Flow.
  • High Tech Medical Equipment – Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery (CAS).
  • Intra Operative Monitoring.
  • Qualified & well trained Orthopaedic staff.
  • Well equipped ICU for post operative care.


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