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Oncology & Oncosurgery


Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad has tied up with CBCC (USA) to provide state of the art oncology care. CBCC is a large cancer center based in California, USA, with advanced cancer care facilities. CBCC provides oncology technology and knowledge. They have established India’s first and the best Radiation Oncology facility with IGRT technology, in addition to brachytherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and related services. This unit is supported by well trained radiation oncologists, physicists, and other skilled staff. Advance radiotherapy techniques help to minimize side effects and improve results. Many patients can be treated without surgery, with combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, thus minimizing loss of organ functions and better functional outcome.

Department also has a separate inpatient oncology ward with oncology nurses and doctors in all shifts to take care of the immuno-compromised patients and other complex cancer cases. Separate ward helps to ensure that there is no cross infection from other hospitalized patients.

Department is supported by surgeons specializing region wise i.e. separate surgeons for cancers of head & neck region, gastrointestinal or abdominal cancers, breast cancer, gynaecological cancers, genitourinary cancers etc. Operation theaters and other facilities are of international standards. Most surgeons are also either trained abroad or in premier institutes of India.

Other facilities include Pain Management Clinic to take care of severe cancer pain with tools not easily available in most hospitals. We also have programs for screening, awareness, tobacco cessation clinic, support for patients and survivors for rehabilitation.




Bone Marrow Transplant

Lt. Gen (Dr) Velu Nair

Dr. Hemant Menghani (Paediatric)

Hemato oncolgoy

Lt. Gen (Dr) Velu Nair

Dr. Chirag Shah

Dr. Hemant Menghani (Paediatric)

Medical Oncology

Dr. Shirish Alurkar

Dr.  Akash Shah

Dr. Rushit Shah

Dr. Hemant Menghani (Paediatric)

Surgical Oncology

Breast Surgery

Dr. Shankuntala Shah

Dr. Anagha Zope

Dr. Shubha Sinha

Head & Neck Surgery

Dr. M I Laxmidhar

Dr. Vishal Choksi

GI Surgery

Dr. Nitin Singhal

Dr. Chirag Desai

Uro & Gynec Oncology

Dr. Nitin  Singhal

Ortho- Oncology

Dr. Jaymin Shah


Radiation Oncology

Dr. J. P. Neema

Dr. Chirag Amin

Dr. Vivek Bansal

Dr. Samrendra Das


Preventive Oncology

Dr. Chitrang Shah ( Tobacco Cessiation)