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Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation is the moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site on the patient’s own body, for the purpose of replacing the recipient’s damaged or absent organ. Transplants are a gift of life – given freely by an individual, and received anonymously by another. Transplants treat, and sometimes even cure, disabling and life-ending diseases, such as kidney, liver and heart failure.

At Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad as a transplant patient one is cared by a tailored, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, who will help you on your journey – from preparation, through to the transplant surgery, recovery and post-transplant care.

Kidney Transplant:

At Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad we have one of the finest equipped and most successful renal transplant program and dialysis centre in the region. Transplant surgeons of our team are the most experienced having overall experience of more than 1200 Kidney Transplant surgery and results are more then 95% which is equivalent to western world standards. People who suffer from kidney failure face a future of regular dialysis. A kidney transplant may offer a dialysis-free life.

At Apollo Ahmedabad we take a multidisciplinary approach to Kidney Transplant, our transplant surgeons and nephrologists are supported by a team of cardiologists, endocrinologists, anesthetists, diagnostic services, psychologist and dieticians who work closely with patients and ensure the highest level of care and service to them with information before, during and after Renal Transplant Surgery.

Types of Kidney Transplants:

The kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organs and since medication to prevent rejection is so effective, donors do not need to be genetically similar to their recipient. Donor kidneys come from two sources:

  • Living Related Donor Transplant
  • Cadaver Donor Transplant


At Apollo Ahmedabad the results of kidney transplant done are equivalent to the International Standards with Patient Survival Rate of more than 98% and Graft Survival Rate at the end of 1 year and at the end of 5 years.

Our Kidney Transplant Expert Team:

Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeons:

  • Dr. Tejanshu Shah
  • Dr. Mahesh Desai (Visiting Consultant)
  • Dr. Kirtipal Visana


  • Dr. Kavita Parihar
  • Dr. Haresh Patel
  • Dr. Manoj Gumber
  • Dr. Shamik Shah


Liver Transplant:

Liver Transplant is the most complex undertaking on human body, needing extraordinary coordination between Liver Surgeons, Hepatologists, Intencivists, Blood bank specialist, OT & ICU nursing staff and the management team of the hospital. Liver Transplant is an established treatment for end stage liver disease and acute liver failure.

Success rate in case of liver transplant is 80 – 90%. Urgency of liver transplant is decided be MELD score. As there is no other effective treatment option, it is advisable to be on the waiting list as early as possible to have best opportunity to get a cadaver organ.

Patient who suffer from liver disease or liver cancer, face the risk of losing all liver function. End-stage liver disease is usually fatal, unless a liver transplant can be done in time.

Type of Transplant:

While patient wait for liver transplant surgery, the transplant team will help him stay in the best possible physical condition so that his body can better accept the new organ, whether it is from a living or deceased donor.

  • Living Donor Liver Transplant: For such transplants, only a part of the living donor’s liver is removed and transplanted into you. The transplant team will work with you to identify and talk to potential donors, who may be family or friends.
  • Cadaver Donor Liver Transplant: If this is the right choice which is evaluated by the transplant surgeon you will be added to the waiting list. As soon as a suitable donor is identified, you’ll be admitted to hospital to undergo transplant surgery.


1st successful Live liver transplant in private sector in Gujarat by Dr. Chirag Desai.

Our Liver Transplant Expert Team:

Program Director & Liver Transplant Surgeon:

  • Dr. Chirag Desai
  • Dr. Lakshman Khiria
  • Dr. Swati Upadhyay

Liver Transplant Physicians:

  • Dr. Shravan Bohra
  • Dr. Vipul Worah