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Dr. Rucha Mehta

Consultant Diabetolgist & Endocrinologist


Diabetology & Endocrinology


Main hospital



Education and Postdoctoral training

  • March 1991-1993         Higher Secondary Certificate-Biology. University of Mumbai, India
  • June 1993-July 1999    Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Seth G.S.Medical College, King
  • Edward VII Memorial Hospital. University of Mumbai, India. Graduated
  •  top five percentile
  • June 2001-June 2004  Internal Medicine Internship and Residency, University of Illinois at Chicago-Christ Medical Center
  • Sept 2005-Sep2007     Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, UTHSCSA
  • Oct 2007-June 2008     Post-doctoral fellow Diabetes , UTHSCSA

Professional Experience

  • 11/2012-Current     Consultant Endocrinologist, Global Hospitals Mumbai
  • 7/2009-10/2012:     Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Director of Research-Western Diabetes Institute                    Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific ,Western University of Health Sciences, California, USA
  • 2009-2012:      Clinical Faculty at University of California, Los Angeles and VA Greater Los  Angeles
  • 2008 –2009         Diabetes Clinic Physician, Audie L Murphy VA Hospital, San Antonio, TX
  • 2006-2009 Urgent Care Physician, Audie L Murphy VA Hospital, San Antonio, TX
  • 2004-2005           Chief Resident and Assistant Professor, UIC-Advocate Christ Medical Center,  Chicago, IL
  • 2000- 2001          Clinical Research Coordinator, Stanford and VA Hospitals, Palo Alto , CA
  • 1999-2000           Government Medical Officer, State Government of Maharashtra,  India

Professional Societies

  • 2001-current          American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal
  • Medicine (Governing Council Member)
  • 2005-current          American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
  • 2011-current          European Association for the Study of Diabetes
  • 2006-current          American Diabetes Association(Continuing Education committee)
  • 2009-current          Endocrine Society
  • 2009-current           Indian Medical Association of Southern California

Academic Achievements and awards

  • April 2007         2nd Prize Oral Presentation National AACE meeting-Seattle, WA
  • April 2007         Research Day UTHSCSA- poster 1st prize
  • June 20007        NIH Preceptorship Award
  • June 2005          Best Teaching Attending of the Year    UIC-Christ
  • April 2004         Clinical Case poster at the National ACP
  • March 2003       Annual Clinical Vignette Competition, 2nd Priz, UIC.
  • July 1999           Graduated Top 5% of medical students,  University of Mumbai, India.
  • State wide(Ranked #2 in class and  #5 at State level)
  • July1993-Feb 1997 Recipient of
  1. Ratanshaw Dadabhoy Scholarship’ in Internal Medicine
  2. Shirwalkar Memorial Award’ in Internal Medicine;
  3.       Awabai Ratanshaw  Scholarship in Gynecology;
  4.       Dr. LH Hiranandani Award in ENT


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  3. Lee J, Mehta RJ, Phung O and White S. Venlafaxine induced hyponatremia. ACOFP, March 2012. Florida.
  4. Mehta RJ, Ricotti A, Balas B, Gastaldelli A, DeFronzo RA, Tripathy DJ. Mechanism of Action Of Exubera to normalize the fasting plasma glucose concentration in Type 2 diabetic subjects, (Poster EASD, Lisbon Portugal 2011).
  5. Mendez-Valenzuela V, Mehta RJ, Tripathy D, DeFronzo RA, Abdul-Ghani MA. The Contribution of Non Insulin-Dependent Glucose Uptake to Fasting Hyperglycemia in the Non-Diabetic Range, (Poster ADA June 2010)
  6. Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Rucha Mehta, Marjorie Molina, Alberto Chavez, Devjit Tripathy, Ralph Defronzo. Decreased Mitochondrial ATP synthesis in Obese Non-diabetic subjects. (Poster ADA June 2008).
  7. Chavez-Velazquez A, Mehta R, Abdul-Ghani MA, Frohlich V, Sathyanaryana P, Jenkinson C, Folli F, DeFronzo RA and Tripathy D Short-Term Elevation of Plasma Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Decreases Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Healthy Glucose Tolerant Subjects. (Oral Presentation ADA June 2007)
  8. Abdul-Ghani MA, Muller F, Liu Y, Chavez A, Balas B, Tripathy D, Mehta R, Monroy A, Folli F, Van Remmen H and DeFronzo RA. Deleterious Effect Of Elevated Fatty Acid Metabolites Concentration On Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Atp Synthesis. (Poster ADA June 2007)
  9. Mehta R, Abdul-Ghani MA, Molina M and DeFronzo RA. Is Non-Diabetic Fasting Hyperglycemia Explained By Impaired Insulin Independent Glucose Uptake In Skeletal Muscle? (Poster ADA June 2007, Oral Presentation AACE April 2007)
  10. Rucha Mehta MD, Marion Jech, PhD, Jan M. Bruder MD, Devjit Tripathy MD, PhD, Lawrence J Fowler MD, Patricia Dahia MD, PhD. Unusual Presentation of a Catecholamine Secreting Tumor (Poster AACE April 2007)
  11. Mehta R, deBustros A, Stein R. Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Presenting as Central Diabetes Insipidus. (Poster ACP April 2004)


  • Dec 2010 Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad, India
  • April 2012 Shijiuazhuang Diabetic Kidney Hospital, China


  • Nov 2009 Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, California
  • April 2010 Pomona Valley Hospital, California
  • April 2010 Portland Diabetes Symposium
  • Oct 2010 ACP So Cal Regional meeting, Dana Point, California
  • Nov 2010  Pomona Valley Hospital, California
  • Dec 2010  Sterling Hospital, Vadodra, India
  • Dec 2010  Visiting Professorship at MPU Hospital, Nadiad, India.
  • Feb 2011 Grand Rounds Western University
  • April 2012 Management of Type 2 Diabetes in the 21st century, Shijiuazhuang Diabetic Kidney  Hospital, Shijiuazhuang, China
  • May 2012 Role of GLP-1 Analogues in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus;    COMP CME Day, Pomona CA
  • Jan 2013   Neuro Anesthesia Forum Mumbai CME Day, KEM Hospital, Mumbai –     “ Management of Diabetes Insipidus”
  • Feb 2013  Central Railway Annual CME Day, Byculla, Mumbai –              “Thyroid Disorders”


  • 7/2010-Current Faculty Advisor for Western Diabetes Free clinic to SOIMA club
  • 1/2012-Current Chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Diabetes Association for the
  •             Step Out Walk Executive Planning Committee.
  • 7/2009- Volunteer physician at Indian Medical Temple in Chino Hills and Buena Park
  • 7/2010- American College of Physicians Governing Council Member

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